What I read today ~ 16/05/2017

  1. Selling our Telecom position [Bronte Cap] – though at some points, I do not agree with the guy.
  2. Latest thoughts from Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio [LinkedIn]
  3. Carl Icahn scrutinized for shaping policy that helped him profit [NYTimes]
  4. Carl Icahn loses $179 million on Hertz double down [Bloomberg]
  5. Singer’s flagship fund said to raise $5 billion in commitments in 24 hours [Bloomberg]
  6. The spring 2017 issue of Graham & Doddsville [Columbia Uni]
  7. David Einhorn pitch on Core Lab [Green Light]
  8. Berkshire Meeting Notes – Daily Improvement, Business Evolution, and Investment Strategy [BHI]
  9. Is This Time Different? Expanding Your Circle of Competence [cs investing]
  10. A video from Damodaran I watched long time ago but is worth re-posting

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