What I’m reading ~ 30/4/2017

  1. Here’s Why Juicero’s Press is So Expensive [Bolt]
  2. The downside of managing downside risk [Morningstar]
  3. A short guide to short selling [Dead Companies Walking]
  4. James Montier: market fair value is 50% lower [Finanz und Wirtschaft]
  5. 4 things that set successful CEOs apart [Harvard Business Review]
  6. Using Eisenhower boxes to improve productivity [Quartz]
  7. 3 ways to build a culture of better decisions [CFA Institute]
  8. Against all odds, the US tobacco industry is rolling in money [WSJ]
  9. Refuting the short thesis on Apple [Bireme Capital]
  10. Sprint said to look beyond T-Mobile for other deal options [Bloomberg]
  11. Losses are the new black [L2 inc]
  12. The unique advantage of equity investment [Fundsmith]
  13. Profile of the founder of Chobani [CBS]
  14. Millennials and credit: are we missing the real story? [FICO]
  15. On being special in investing [Reaction Wheel]
  16. What separates champions from ‘almost champions?’ [NYMag]
  17. The hedge fund manager that’s shorting America’s malls [WSJ]
  18. Hedge funds prize open Japan [Bloomberg]
  19. Coatue invests in Domino Data Lab [ZDnet]
  20. On the value of doing site visits in fund manager selection [Research Puzzle]
  21. An activist investment in Whole Foods exposes shifting power on Wall Street [NYTimes]
  22. How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor [Warren Buffet]
  23. Warren Buffett on why you should invest in productive assets [Holland Advisors]
  24. Seth Klarman: What I’ve learned from Warren Buffett [Holland Advisors]
  25. How PE funds “pump up” their returns.
  26. Facebook behaves like an old school monopoly
  27. A detailed analysis of H&M the Swedish clothing retailer
  28. Why price setting at online retailers these days is similar to High Frequency Trading [The Atlantic]
  29. Third Point Q1 2017

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