What I’m reading ~ 22/4/2017

  1. The Truth about Investing [Howard Marks’s memo]
  2. Lines in the Sand [Howard Marks’s memo]
  3. The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble To Get Inside Our Heads [Tim Wu]
  4. Why we think we’re better investors than we are [NYTimes]
  5. Warren Buffett & Jorge Paulo Lemann Talk at Harvard Business School: Brazil Conference [market folly]
  6. Inside the hotel industry’s plan to combat Airbnb [NYTimes]
  7. Two law professors mimic activist hedge fund: a corporate raiding adventure [The Atlantic]
  8. Vanguard is growing faster than everybody else combined [NYTimes]
  9. Q&A with Blackrock’s (BLK) Larry Fink [Bloomberg]
  10. Why Facebook (FB) keeps beating every rival: it’s the network of course [NYTimes]
  11. A look at the first decade of augmented reality [Ben Evans]
  12. Barry Ritholtz’s rules of valuations [The Big Picture]
  13. The making of a brand [Collaborative Fund]
  14. Is American retail at a historic tipping point? [NYTimes]
  15. E-commerce is a bear [Andy Dunn]
  16. American Express, challenged by Chase, is losing the ‘snob’ war [NYTimes]
  17. The potential of graphene to revolutionize the airline industry [Richard Branson]
  18. A day in the life of a food vendor [NYTimes]
  19. Paul Tudor Jones says US stocks should terrify Janet Yellen [Bloomberg]
  20. Passport Capital shuts down long/short hedge fund [Zero Hedge]
  21. Former Harvard money whiz tries to regain his edge [WSJ]
  22. Hedge fund investors are piling money into failing strategies [CNBC]
  23. New report shows 40% of funds created last year were systematic [Benzinga]
  24. Icahn’s big bet against biofuel credits [Reuters]
  25. The fall of Fortress [Institutional Investor]
  26. Balyasny’s tip to hedge funds at a crossroads [Bloomberg]
  27. How I invest my own money [Meb Faber]
  28. The Influence of Affluence [Mauldin Economics]

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