What I’m reading ~ 6/4/2017

  1. How moats make a difference [Intrinsic Investing]
  2. Boyar Research’s thesis on QVC and Madison Square Garden [Barrons]
  3. Autonomous cars and second order consequences [Benedict Evans]
  4. The hardest question in portfolio management [A Wealth of Common Sense]
  5. Diversification, adaptation, and stock market valuations [Philosophical Economics]
  6. Noise: how to overcome the high, hidden cost of inconsistent decisions [Harvard Biz Review]
  7. How Domino’s built a $9 billion empire [Bloomberg]
  8. How do winning consumer goods companies capture growth? [McKinsey]
  9. Airlines make more money selling miles than seats [Bloomberg]
  10. At Blackrock, machines are rising over managers to pick stocks [NYTimes]
  11. What’s next for malls? [Fashionista]
  12. Andrew Ng on what AI can and can’t do [Harvard Business Review]
  13. Margin debt hit all time high in February [WSJ]
  14. The 1% rule: why a few people get most of the rewards [James Clear]
  15. Is the US stock market an anomaly? (Alpha Architect)
  16. 15 obstacles we face as humans (Humble Dollar)
  17. “Bad news smashes your face against an amplifier, while good news just plays quietly in the background.” (Irrelevant Investor)
  18. Netflix is set to take over the stand-up comedy game with a new special every week for the rest of 2017 (Ringer)
  19. How being lazy helps make Michael Lewis successful (Inc)
  20. The Eighth Wonder (What I Learned on Wall Street)

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