A couple of good reads from BHI

Recently, I made a huge mistake by entering and exiting investments based on intra-day price movements alone, which caused me few % point opportunity costs of my AUM. To a certain extent, it reflects my indiscipline and the danger of emotions. I decided to take a-month break from looking at market dashboards in order to reconfigure my strategy and cool myself down from recalling that mistake everyday. Staying disciplined and cold-headed is not easy and is something I have been trying to remind myself everyday when I get up. This note is more to remind myself of the mistake I made and that I should look back to this moment every time I have the urge to do anything. You know a rushing investment is never a good investment.

Below are a few good reads from Base Hit Investing regarding this issue:

  1. What is Your Edge?
  2. Analyst Ratings and the Institutional Imperative
  3. Charlie Munger’s Most Important Concept

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