What I’m reading ~ 11/3/2017

Bridgewater’s Ray Dalio on Radical Transparency & Building a Culture

Mark Cuban interview with Young Investors Society

Connor Leonard of Investors Management Corp on Portfolio Construction

Chris Hohn & TCI Fund’s Presentation on Safran / Zodiac

Paul Tudor Jones’s new hedge fund pitch: much lower fees [WSJ]

On Bill Ackman’s crusade against Herbalife [New Yorker]

Excerpts from Tourbillon’s letter [Business Insider]

On expensive research and cheap hedge funds [Bloomberg]

Carl Icahn hires Harvard geneticist [CNBC]

More cash likely to flow out of hedge funds again this year [CNBC]

Shareholder activism at Arconic points to a new wave [Dealbook]

The Tao of Charlie Munger [David Clark]

Excellent write-up on Costco (COST) [Scuttlebutt Investor]

YouTube bets it can convince cordcutters to pay for TV [Bloomberg]

Also, YouTube tops 1 billion hours of video a day [WSJ]

The man who broke Ticketmaster [Motherboard]

Cinemark is undervalued [Forbes]

A pitch on Grupo Televisa (TV) [Barrons]

Grit: a complete guide on how to be more mentally tough [James Clear]

Why facts don’t change our minds [New Yorker]

Long-term investing in an age of small attention spans [Safal Niveshak]

How Indian families took over the Antwerp diamond trade [Qz]

The fast rise and slow demise of daily deals company LivingSocial [Washington Post]

3G Capital’s purchases and their profit margins [Economist]

Amazon’s antitrust paradox [Yale Law Journal]

Student debt in America has hit a new record [Bloomberg]


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