What I’m reading ~ 4/3/2017

  1. Who’s Who in Syria’s Civil War [CFR]
  2. Berkshire Hathaway – 2016 letter
  3. Paul Tudor Jones’s new hedge fund pitch: much lower fees [WSJ]
  4. On Bill Ackman’s crusade against Herbalife [New Yorker]
  5. Excerpts from Tourbillon’s letter [Business Insider]
  6. On expensive research and cheap hedge funds [Bloomberg]
  7. Carl Icahn hires Harvard geneticist [CNBC]
  8. More cash likely to flow out of hedge funds again this year [CNBC]
  9. Shareholder activism at Arconic points to a new wave [Dealbook]
  10. Why we dig in with a long held belief instead of changing our minds [Reformed Broker]
  11. Decision making amid uncertainty: improving your process [CFA Institute]
  12. Inside the Snapchat roadshow [Business Insider]
  13. On Quicken loans, the new mortgage machine [NYTimes]
  14. China’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) boom [The Atlantic]
  15. Podcast with Ed Thorp [Meb Faber]
  16. Prem Watsa drops long-held bearish stance on markets [BNN]
  17. On Buffett’s new stake in Monsanto (MON) [Bloomberg]
  18. Warren Buffett’s honor versus 3G [Lawrence Cunningham]
  19. A look at Expedia (EXPE) [Value and Opportunity]
  20. On owning a stock for five full years [Gannon on Investing]

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