What I’m reading ~ 6/2/2017

Daily wrap-up: February 6

  • The Patriots’ Insane Comeback: One for the History Books (WSJ)
  • Euro fades in face of French election risks (Reuters)
  • Legal battles to test Trump and his travel ban (Reuters)
  • Standoff Looms Over Travel Ban; Trump Rips Judge (WSJ)
  • Trump Set to Attend NATO Summit in May (WSJ)
  • Trump Administration Aims to Sever Russia’s Iran Ties (WSJ)
  • Draghi Takes the Case for QE to Brussels (BBG)
  • Tiger Hedge Funds Become Wall Street Prey (WSJ)
  • Iran’s missile test ‘not a message’ to Trump (Reuters)
  • U.K. Business Says Brexit Already Having a Negative Effect (BBG)
  • Dodd-Frank Rollback Sets Up $100 Billion Windfall for Bank Investors (WSJ)
  • Tiffany Abruptly Drops CEO Just Before First-Ever Super Bowl Ad (BBG)
  • Mexico Teeters Between Recent U.S. Friendship and 170 Years of Hostility (WSJ)
  • Stranded migrants in Greek camp protest over living conditions (Reuters)
  • America’s Asia Allies May Face Biggest Currency Reversal (BBG)
  • The Mortgage-Bond Whale That Everyone Is Suddenly Worried About (BBG)
  • China welcomes Mattis’ emphasis on South China Sea diplomacy (Reuters)
  • China protests U.S. sanction list on Iran that hits Chinese firms (Reuters)
  • ABN Amro Slashes 60% of Senior Management as Bank Shrinks (BBG)
  • The ‘Unflappable’ Guy Helping Paul Ryan Keep Peace With Trump (BBG)
  • Samsung Group to disband its corporate strategy office after probe ends (Reuters)
  • Business Luminaries Among ‘Hamilton’ Ponzi Schemers’ Victims (BBG)
  • Deleted postings about missing Chinese billionaire hint at tensions (Reuters)
  • National Bank Sets Goal to Be ‘Top 3’ Canadian Investment Bank (BBG)

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