What I’m reading ~ 11/1/2017

  1. Latest memo from Howard Marks: Expert Opinion
  2. Why Value Investors Welcome Uncertainty
  3. Fidelity vs. Charles Schwab: A Complete Comparison (for those who are wondering which platform to trade)
  4. Full 35-Page Report Alleging Trump Was “Cultivated, Supported And Assisted” By Russia
  5. Jeff Gundlach’s “Drain The Swamp” Presentation
  6. Julian Robertson – Start With Management & Avoid REIT’s


Daily recap: January 11

  • Russia likely main topic in Trump’s first news conference since election (Reuters)
  • Russia Denies Report It Has Compromising Material on Trump (BBG)
  • For Russia, U.S. election meddling claims strip Trump win of luster (Reuters)
  • Obama Urges Unity in Farewell Speech (WSJ)
  • 1930s-like Demographic Pressures Holding Back U.S. Economy (BBG)
  • Chinese bomber flies around contested Spratlys in show of force: U.S. official (Reuters)
  • Tillerson to Call Russia a ‘Danger’ in Confirmation Hearing (BBG)
  • Kelly Distances Himself From Trump Over Border Wall, Russia (BBG)
  • Justice Department Hasn’t Found Evidence to Bring Antitrust Case Against Airlines (WSJ)
  • In China, Insurers Sell Risky Products to Fund Risky Investments (WSJ)
  • Uber signs deal with Dubai regulator after pricing rows (Reuters)
  • Why the Lira’s in Trouble: 2017’s Worst Performer in Charts (BBG)
  • Northern Ireland will still have say in Brexit preparations: PM May (Reuters)
  • Suddenly, Home Sale Agreements Are Falling Apart Across the U.S. (BBG)
  • A Pileup in U.S. Motor Vehicle Inventories (WSJ)
  • Relatives’ U.S. bribery case rains on ex-U.N. chief’s homecoming (Reuters)
  • ‘Chicken Tax’ Surfaces in Talk of Auto Tariffs (WSJ)
  • Trump Tax Cut Could Add $8.2 Billion to Reynolds Price Tag (BBG)
  • Italy’s New Prime Minister in Intensive Care After Surgery (WSJ)
  • Lebanese Leader Reaches Out to Saudi Arabia in Search of Aid (WSJ)
  • From Brexit to Trump, Polarization Heightens Risk, WEF Says (BBG)

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